Friday, March 29, 2024

Science Fiction #1

Science fiction is based upon the belief that the world is changing, that the way we live is changing, and that humanity will adjust to it, or will adjust change to humanity, or will perish.

- James Gunn

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Online Store

I have a store for my ebooks now on a website called Payhip (it's a work in progress). When you buy a book from my store you get the ePub and mobi (Kindle) version. Unfortunately, I can not tell you how to move your purchase to your reading device since I read only on my computer, but I'm sure you can find the instructions if you do a web search.

Having an online store for an author means that he gets to keep 25 to 55 percent more of the sale price than if purchased from Amazon or one of the other online stores. So if possible, please consider purchasing from my store. 

Since this is new for me, if you have any problems with the purchase or the ebook please email me so that I can try to correct it.

Please see the store link on the right.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

AI #3

Not only are we unable to predict which specific AI capabilities will emerge at higher levels of scale, but we also lack the means by which to assess an existing AI system’s full range of capabilities.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

New Releases

I have two books releasing today.

The first is Moon Hab, this is the first book in the new series, Remembered Earth Universe: Lunar Series. Here is a description:

Circling the Moon, alone, in a space station was easy.

It wasn't until I overnighted (remember a Moon night is two weeks of dim light) on the Moon's surface that things got difficult.

And life-threatening.

Moon Hab is available in both ePub everywhere and in Print on Amazon.

The other book Remembered Earth Short Stories Volume 1 is being released

in print only. It contains the following Remembered Earth Universe: Cislunar Series short stories:

Space Tug, here is the description:

When robots become smart enough to help humanity, will we be smart enough to help them?

Jax is new on the job, and alone in flight control at US Tugs, when one of the orbiting spacecraft has trouble. And then another has trouble, and then another.

But no matter what Jax does, the only response he can get out of the robots is, “Need help”. He couldn't figure it out but he did figure it would cost him his job.

He didn't know it could lead to a national security crisis.

The second story is Prototype, and here is the description:

James had made it to orbit, where he always wanted to be. He thought the hard work was behind him, but when you are responsible for a hundred million dollar prototype, the hard work may just be ahead.

A glitch, or something, had stopped the robotic inspection of the build site for the first fuel depot in space. James was alone, it was downtime for the build crew and his supervisor had gone to a meeting. James had been distracted when the spider-bot had its problem and now it wouldn't communicate.

James was sure the bot was more important to the company than him and that he would be terminated and sent back to Earth if he couldn't get it going. But without a link he would have to out there, and out there was not like being up here, with the station walls surrounding.

What do you do when your only choice is between your dreams and a nightmare?

Why a print version only?

There are some sites that have a lower limit on the page numbers for a short story to appear in print. These stories did not meet those requirements alone but can meet it when bundled in pairs. This allows those who like to read paper books their own versions of the short stories.

You may find these books on my Amazon and other book sites by clicking the blue Kindle icon or large red 2 icon on the right side of this website (please scroll to find if needed).

Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

AI #2

Conversations with researchers at large U.S. technology companies have suggested that their companies’ decisions to develop or release new breakthrough models, or to invest more heavily in their safety, are heavily influenced by concerns over public sentiment. This extends particularly to anticipated government or regulatory 

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Forgotten Earth Universe

There is a new tab at the top of this page called Forgotten Earth Universe. This is a new universe I am developing which will be rich in future physics and technology. Right now I am posting chapters of a story that I am writing called Null Infinity. It follows the development of the warp drive (think Star Trek) as presented in many current physics research papers.

If you decide to follow along please understand that the story may die at any time. I am not a plotter but make up the story plot as I go and sometimes it only goes so far and stops. Also be warned that sometimes I have to back up and restart when I have written myself into a corner. With those caveats, I hope that if you do decide to read it you will enjoy.

Thursday, March 14, 2024

AI #1

These models [LLM AI] could begin to automate large portions of the economy. We believe that companies that train the best 2025/26 models will be too far ahead for anyone to catch up in subsequent cycles. - Anthropic

Friday, March 8, 2024

Science Fiction Writers - Frank Herbert

In an interview in the book Four Science Fiction Masters with Frank Martin, the author Frank Herbert said: "We change our past by what we learn. If a person began reading the trilogy [Dune] by reading Children of Dune, then read the other two [Dune and Dune Messiah], it would change them. They'd be different books.

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Science Fiction Writers - Algis Budrys

Algis Budrys had this to say about science fiction to Charles Platt author of Dream Makers:

"I think that all forms of fiction and art are actually survival mechanisms. Far from being frills and decorations on the face of some kind of practical world, they are just about the most practical thing there is. They consist of a series of affirmations or