(Updated July, 2024)

Future Chron Universe


Wormhole Series

Mach's Metric (Future Chron, 2018)

Mach's Mission (Future Chron, 2018)

Mach's Legacy (Future Chron, 2018)

Robot Series

Spin-Two(Future Chron, 2020)

Robot Planet (Future Chron, 2020)

The Lattice Of Space (Future Chron, 2020)

Time Series

Time Wars (Future Chron, 2021)

Time's End (Future Chron, 2021)

Frozen Time (Future Chron, 2022)

Short Novels

First Interstellar (Future Chron, 2019)


From The Earth Series

Whatsoever You Do (Future Chron, 2016)

War Through The Pines (Future Chron, 2016)

Vigilance (Future Chron, 2016)

To Tend And Watch Over (Future Chron, 2017)

Union (Future Chron, 2017)

Circle Of Retribution (Future Chron, 2017)

Freedom From Want (Future Chron, 2017)

Break Up (Future Chron, 2017)

Kuiper Station (Future Chron, 2017)

The Cloud (Future Chron, 2017)

To The Stars Series

First One Hundred (Future Chron, 2018)

First Dark Ages (Future Chron, 2018)

Second One Hundred (Future Chron, 2019)

Second Dark Ages (Future Chron, 2019)

The Path (Future Chron, 2019)

Short Stories

Open Space Series

OpenSpace (Future Chron, 2021)

The Old World (Future Chron, 2021)

Insurrect(Future Chron, 2021)

Second Beam (Future Chron, 2021)

All For One (Future Chron, 2021)

One For All (Future Chron, 2021)

Shotgun (Future Chron, 2021)

Allison(Future Chron, 2021)


From The Earth #1 (Future Chron, 2017)

From The Earth #2 (Future Chron, 2017)

From The Earth: Complete (Future Chron, 2020)

To The Stars (Future Chron, 2020)

Mach's Metric: Complete (Future Chron, 2020)

Spin-Two: Complete (Future Chron, 2022)

OpenSpace: A Collection (Future Chron, 2022)

Time Wars: Complete (Future Chron, 2024)

Remembered Earth Universe


Cislunar Series

Dark Side (Future Chron, 2023)

Lunar Series

Moon3D (Future Chron, 2024)

Moon Town (Future Chron, 2024)

Moon Power (Future Chron, 2024)

Short Stories

Cislunar Series

US Tugs (Future Chron, 2022)

Prototype (Future Chron, 2023)

L1 Or Bust (Future Chron, 2023)

Guidance Box (Future Chron, 2023)

Air Brakes (Future Chron, 2023)

View Point (Future Chron, 2023)

Space Truck (Future Chron, 2023)

Lunar Series

Moon Hab (Future Chron, 2024)

Moon Miner (Future Chron, 2024)

Moon Rail (Future Chron, 2025)


Remembered Earth Short Stories Vol. 1 (Future Chron, 2024)

Remembered Earth Short Stories Vol. 2 (Future Chron, 2024)

Remembered Earth Short Stories Vol. 3 (Future Chron, 2024)

Remembered Earth Short Stories Vol. 4 (Future Chron, 2024)

Cislunar Collection (Future Chron, 2024)

Manifold Earth Universe

Short Novels

Rocket Spring (Future Chron, 2024)


Rocket Winter (Future Chron, 2023)

Short Stories

Rocket Summer (Future Chron, 2023)

Rocket Fall (Future Chron, 2023)


Rocket Season (Future Chron, 2024)

Forgotten Earth Universe


Null Infinity Series

Null Infinity, Book 1 (Future Chron, 2024)

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