Monday, June 3, 2024

AW #1

 In any case we live, indisputably, in a science-fiction world. All around us we see evidences of a new order: life is not what it was for our fathers and mothers, and certainly not what it was for their fathers and mothers. Life moves faster, and we move with it or are left behind. We ride the back of galloping technology, and we cannot dismount without breaking our necks. We – at least most of us – watch pictures in our living rooms that move and speak. We travel in roaring vehicles that reach speeds of more than one hundred miles an hour across transcontinental systems of broad paved roads – or in machines that fly through the air at speeds that approach the speed of sound. We live in houses where climate is automatically controlled and work in buildings that scrape the sky. We – at least a few of us – have at our fingertips the power to destroy another nation, or the world. We – or at least a handful of us – have walked on the moon.

James Gunn - Alternate Worlds

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