Lunar Series Reading List

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Lunar Series:

The settlement of the Moon will happen this century. Starting with scientific and governmental installations and progressing to commercial settlements.

Moon Hab: A Short Story

Circling the Moon, alone, in a space station was easy.

It wasn't until I overnighted (remember a Moon night is two weeks of dim light) on the Moon's surface that things got difficult.

And life-threatening.

Moon 3D: A Novella

After more than fifty years man was back on the Moon. But this time he was determined to stay.

And that meant building habitats with the AI-powered latest technology, such as 3D printers.

But while those who were directly involved might show dedication and courage to the job, those remaining on Earth were still more interested in money and reputation.

And that could lead to failure and even death for those on the Moon.

Moon Miner: A Short Story

You would think that mining on the Moon would be a dream job.

Great location, pays well, all expenses paid.

Problem was, people on the Moon were the same as on the Earth. And that could make just doing your job dangerous.

Moon Town

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