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This is the main website for the writer D.W.Patterson (me) and will be used to add comments and sometimes samples of my fiction. 

The type of science fiction I write is sometimes called hard science fiction. 

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a consensus as to the meaning of hard science fiction. I tend to think of it as a science fiction story with science as an important character. Read more below.

My first "universe," Future Chron, consists of 8 short stories, 16 novellas, and 9 novels. It is generally a far future universe (from today until 2900 so far).

My second "universe," Remembered Earth, consists of 7 short stories with a novella in the works. It is a near-future exploration/extrapolation of what might happen in the rest of this century. Slightly extrapolated technology and physics are used but character and setting are also important. These are some of my first stories in which I have used first person, and I am generally pleased with the results.

My third "universe," Manifold Earth, starts in the near future but has a far future feel to the science. The invention of the first reactionless (that is, it does not rely on Newton's action/reaction law) rocket engine is followed and the effect such a development will have on society is explored.

My fourth "universe," Forgotten Realm Universe, actually started as a novel which refused to write itself (but maybe someday) and is now focused on the development of Alcubierre's warp drive as explored in the current physics literature (not based on the Star Trek warp drive).

I have been writing now since the end of 2015. I published my first collection of Future Chron novellas, From The Earth #1, in 2017 and the first Future Chron novel, Mach's Metric (Wormhole Series Book 1), in 2018.

While plot and character drive the storytelling in the Future Chron universe (I think), physics also plays an important role. However, this is not known physics but highly extrapolated future physics. (Actually, the universe starts in the near future when technology and science is not much different from now). 

This extrapolated physics is not "just made up" but has its genesis in current research or popular science books. This is an important point for me, although it may seem to be "made up" science and technology, it has the possibility, however slightly, to come true. At least, at this point, to my knowledge, nothing I've written can be ruled out.

So, if you like science, especially physics, I think you will like my work. My own influences include Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Isaac Asimov and Clifford Simak although I wouldn't claim to match their writing acumen.

Some reviews/comments I've gotten (good and bad). (Unless indicated the review probably is of the epub):

Spin-Two Book 3 (now titled The Lattice Of Space: Robot Series Book 3)
Great Hard Science Fiction Book
"Loads of great believable future science possibilities."
- Amazon reviewer

Mach's Metric Book 1 (now titled Mach's Metric: Wormhole Series Book 1)
Great Science Fiction
"This is an excellent book of hard science fiction with a lot of the latest concepts in science included. The book includes good and evil, romance, and adventure! A good start of a well-thought-out series."
- Amazon reviewer

Mach's Metric Book 1, Book 2 (Book 2 is now titled Mach's Mission: Wormhole Series Book 2)
old school sci-fi
"enjoyed tremendously.... next book was just as good...."
- Amazon reviewer

Mach's Metric Book 2
"Interesting book: it has some science combined with a lot of pseudo-science which makes it interesting to a fan of hard Sci-fi, without too much research needed. When I first saw the plot outline it looked pretty dull but I actually enjoyed it. Thank you."
- Amazon reviewer

Mach's Metric: Complete (This is a collection of the Wormhole Series novels)
A story that is not your usual SF
"The story was really well written and kept my interest. A little hard to follow at times, but the storyline was super!"
- Amazon reviewer

From The Earth V-1 (now just From The Earth #1)
"I liked the style of writing and the way it was presented. A good read following one family over generations."
- Goodreads reviewer

From The Earth: Complete (contains From The Earth #1 and From The Earth #2)
Mixed emotions
May 19, 2021

Format : Paperback
As an avid reader of Sci-Fi the potential is here. I’m an Asimov fan. As such, I see similarities in the style of writing. That’s high praise. However, I found the stories themselves lacking. No real conflict build up, climax or resolution. Just a sequential exposition of the march of affairs for the characters. Asimov too wrote many story lines with huge time encompassing arcs, but the individual segments always carried a great story within themselves.
- Amazon reviewer

And now for my favorite reviewer:

Mach's Metric Book 1 (Now Mach's Metric: Wormhole Series Book 1)
OK for a rainy afternoon
September 24, 2021

Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase
I read it. I think I finished it but don't remember what it's about.
- Amazon reviewer

Mach's Metric Book 2 (now Mach's Mission: Wormhole Series Book 2)
Tone Deaf, unfortunately
August 10, 2021

Format : Paperback
D.M. Patterson seems to lack a feel for the rhythms of the English language. What promised to be an entertaining story was ruined, for me, by the choppy structure and clumsy dialog. Too bad.
- Amazon reviewer

If you would like to check out my writing, I usually have many short stories and several novels priced at $0.99 (USA). Also, look under the Sample Stories tab for excerpts. My best are probably my most recent, although if you enjoy those I hope you will fill in your knowledge of the Future Chron Universe by picking up some of my earlier work also. And don't forget the beginnings of the Remembered Earth Universe, Manifold Earth Universe, Forgotten Realm Universe for near-future extrapolation.

Thank you for reading.

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