Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Science Fiction Writers - Ben Bova

Ben Bova in an April, 1979 interview with Charles Platt in the book Dream Makers Volume 1 had this to say about the future of book publishing: “I think electronic publishing is going to be the alternative that allows people to write books and have them published even though they are not mass-market books. What we'll be seeing in the next decade or two is the growth of electronic publishing and the elimination of paper,with home video terminals allowing you to pick up your phone and dial the publisher's computer and record whichever 'book' you select, on your own disc or tape, for ten cents, perhaps.”

Maybe off in the details but close in the overall. 

He also had this to say about socialism: “Socialism is just a passing phase. It's just about out of gas. They'll join the free-enterprise system in the end. They'll have to. Of course, they won't call it that. But, God, when the Russians are already allowing Coca-Cola into their country, and the Chinese are allowing Pepsi … personally I haven't worried about socialism in years.”

Not bad.

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