Future Chron Universe

My first "universe," Future Chron, is complete at this time, it consists of 8 short stories, 15 novellas, 1 short novel, and 9 novels. It is generally a far future universe.

I have been writing in this universe since the end of 2015 (the last novel was published in 2022).

While plot and character drive the storytelling in the Future Chron Universe (I think), physics also plays an important role. However, this is not known physics but highly extrapolated future physics. (Actually, the universe starts in the near future when technology and science is not much different from now). 

But this extrapolated physics is not "just made up" (indeed the near future stories are very true to today's science or just a little beyond) but has its genesis in current research or popular science books. This is an important point for me, although it may seem to be "made up" science and technology, it has the possibility, however slightly, to come true. At least, at this point to my knowledge, nothing I've written can be ruled out.

So if you like science, especially physics, and technology I think you will like my work. My own influences include Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Isaac Asimov and Clifford Simak although I wouldn't claim to match their writing acumen.

Here is the link to the recommended reading order:

Here is a link summarizing some of the science of the Future Chron Universe:

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