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On this page I will post links to story samples. The length of these samples is approximately what you will find at Amazon and other online stores, usually 3 chapters, and I am prohibited by store's Terms Of Service from offering more. Hopefully, it will be enough to help you determine if you should wish to read the rest of the story. Click on the image to go to the excerpt immediately or read the blurb below first.

Time Wars: Time Series Book 1

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Haile only wants to prove her theory, that time can be slowed down or sped up in a small region of space, and get her Ph.D. But then the government takes over.

They prove Haile's theory by starting a time war between Tarba and the planet Atwan. No matter the winner of the struggle there can be only one outcome, spacetime slowly separating into its constituents. 

And separate nothing can exist.

Time's End: Time Series Book 2

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Strings of time that can split a man in half, fast-time bubbles that can age him to death, or frozen time that can banish him forever. It was all just part of the job.

Pearce Rawlings was a physicist who wanted to do his job, manipulate time, and get his pay. But as usual the world had different ideas. He would soon be involved in a cosmic battle for freedom, one the governments of Earth for some reason were trying to lose. But Rawlings and a few friends wouldn't quit the job even when facing death.

Frozen Time: Time Series Book 3

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Because of the Time Wars fought in the space around Earth the underlying system of local and non-local links that makes up spacetime had been destroyed. It was now impossible to use the spin-two drive to open those links and access orbit and the rest of the Solar System. Space access services had fallen back on the rocket ship as the primary way to reach orbit from Earth's surface.

Now a strange spaceship had appeared above the spaceports scattered around the world and placed them in a seemingly impenetrable bubble of frozen time.

The Earth economy was thrown into turmoil with the loss of space access and a young boy, along with his friends and his amazing AI, were off on an adventure of a lifetime as they and others tried to understand what was happening.

Spin-Two: Robot Series Book 1

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If you could save the world, would you? What if the world was destined to end and you would be interfering with the natural order? What if the world looked down on your kind? Robotic personage Dag Mach had assisted with the development of the wormhole drive, now he had discovered its successor, the Spin-Two drive, and he had found the answer to the end of the world.

If Dag did nothing, then this universe would end. But if he stopped the natural progression he would be "playing God." And Dag didn't want to play.

Spin Two is set in the future (2600s) and is the first story in the Robot Series.

Robot Planet: Robot Series Book 2

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Yes, robots dream of electric sheep. They also dream of freedom. But as Robot Planet is about to find out, it ain't easy being free. 

Follow Em (emulated brain) based robot Dr. Dagmar Mach and his fellow robots, Sigmund, Walker and Hanson as they fight proxy wars for humanity. 

Against deadly black-hole bombs and gravity-wave generators they pit intelligence and courage.

But finally, they realize that buying your freedom is not the same as earning your freedom and the respect that goes with it. That's when they face the biggest threat of all, annihilation.

Robot Planet is set in the future (2600s) and is the second novel in the Robot Series.

The Lattice Of Space: Robot Series Book 3

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Even with Robot Planet in ruins and the deaths of hundreds of their robotic compatriots the four robots Dag, Sigmund, Walker and Hanson are working to save humanity from possible extinction. 

All they have to do is restart the Big Bang to prevent the quickly decaying lattice of spacetime from destroying all.

If they can.

The Lattice of Space is set in the future (2600s) and is the third and final novel in the Future Chron Universe: Robot Series.

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