Manifold Earth Universe

The Manifold Earth Universe will follow the effects on the future of the developments of today's science. Specifically, the change in space travel as new inventions, based on what can be found today in popular reports on science and online scientific papers, may be developed. 

Another thread will follow the effect on society if de-globalization (think Brexit) continues unabated.

Of course, settlement beyond Earth will be a third thread. (For Earth-Moon space (Cislunar Space) without any "breakthrough" science (but probable science) see my universe Remembered Earth). 

And finally, the effects these changes may have on humanity reflected in the development of the characters.

One other thing, I will sometimes post stories here before they are published. They may be up for weeks or months, but will need to be taken down when the publishing date approaches (sorry, it's a requirement of publishing).

The stories can be found at the links below in chronological order. It starts with the main character as a young boy and follows his pursuits into the future.

Rocket Summer (published, click pic for more info)

Summertime is a special time for young boys.

Especially if they have a passion for rockets and space.

Jack's summer began with a disappointing failure: the first mission to Mars failed, the rocket exploded. Next, another disappointment, the bottle rocket Jack was testing exploded and he was grounded.

Would he miss the upcoming bottle rocket challenge? Was this the end of his summer?

Rocket Fall (published, click pic for more info)

Sometimes it's dangerous to pursue your dreams.

Sometimes you suffer setback, disillusionment, or even defeat.

And sometimes you almost destroy mom and dad's house, as Jack was about to find out.

Rocket Winter (published, click pic for more info)

Jack's idea would truly change the world. But creating a new kind of rocket engine had its costs.

Jack had failed once and almost died.

Now he had failed a second time and it looked like it would be the last. Unless he found support.

Then he found out through his mom that his dad, though long dead, had left the financial support he needed. And his mom, of course, was his number one supporter. And then there was Janie …

Rocket Spring (published, click pic for more info)

Jack's invention of the Mach thruster would change the world.

Meeting Janie had changed his.

But the world had other plans for Jack's invention and for Jack. 

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