Sunday, October 29, 2023

Seven Minute Read Sample - War Through The Pines

The following excerpt is from my story War Through The Pines. It is a story of the
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first war in space. Donner is the young boy whose life is impacted by the war. Though at first he follows the news rabidly, by this time in the story he has become skeptical of what it would accomplish.

The geopolitics of the story are not mine but were taken from the book The Next 100 Years by George Friedman.


September 6, 2054

Three weeks after negotiations had begun the US used its remaining space-based assets and secret ground-based weapons to launch an attack on the Japanese-Turkish coalition in space. Within two hours the coalition's space assets were essentially destroyed. The coalition was now blind. Then the US launched its remaining hypersonic airplanes and delivered almost total destruction to the remaining military assets of Japan and Turkey. The peace talks were suspended.


Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Five-Minute Read Sample - Whatsoever You Do

Here is a sample of the first novella, "Whatsoever You Do," in the Future Chron
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Here's the blurb:

A pandemic had long been predicted.

Now it was happening and a former graduate student, Jack Jackson, may have the key to its containment, synthetic biology. 

But because in the court of public opinion synthetic biology is feared, it has been forbidden in the money conscious halls of medical research. 

How many will have to die before they change their minds?

In this sample a CDC researcher has been sent to a hospital clinic in South Sudan. He finds there a viral infection that kills quickly but is not too contagious, yet. At the clinic he talks with the doctors and gathers a sample and does preliminary analysis but will do more complete analysis back at the CDC, if he can get back.

This is from Chapter 5 (Wesley is the researcher, Kamal is his guide). Written August 2016 and published in November: