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Time Wars: Complete

Now available for pre-order at the special price of 99 cents (regular $4.99) is the
ebook version of the Time Series trilogy of novels. Take advantage of the pre-order price as it will go to regular price after August 20th. Note: KU readers will have three months to read after publication, then it will become available at other online ebook retailers.

A paperback version will also be released on August 20th everywhere (I hope) but because of the economics of print-on-demand and the size of the book (> 700 pages) it may cost more than I would hope. But it is that or no paper copy at all, sorry.

Click the picture to see on Amazon, here is the blurb:

Time Wars: Complete: A Collection

A trilogy of novels about the discovery of a Quantum Field Theory of time.

Theory led to the engineering, the slowing down or speeding up of time, in small regions of spacetime and the process became commercialized.

Companies and governments got involved, money was made and lost, wars were won and lost, but the loss of coherence in spacetime was the ultimate cost.

Time Wars: A Novel: Time Series Book 1
Haile only wants to prove her theory, that time can be slowed down or sped up in a small region of space, and get her Ph.D.

But then the government takes over. They prove Haile's theory by starting a time war between Tarba and the planet Atwan.

No matter the winner of the struggle there can be only one outcome, spacetime slowly separating into its constituents. And separate nothing can exist.

Time's End: A Novel: Time Series Book 2
Strings of time that can split a man in half, fast-time bubbles that can age him to death, or frozen time that can banish him forever. It was all just part of the job.

Pearce Rawlings was a physicist who wanted to do his job, manipulate time, and get his pay. But as usual the world had different ideas.

Pearce would soon be involved in a cosmic battle for freedom, one the governments of Earth for some reason were trying to lose.

But Rawlings and a few friends wouldn't quit the job even when facing death.

Frozen Time: A Novel: Time Series Book 3
Because of the Time Wars, the underlying system of local and non-local links that make up spacetime around Earth had been damaged. It was now impossible to use the spin-two drive to open those links and access orbit or the rest of the universe. The rocket ship had again become the primary way to access space from the Earth.

But now a strange spaceship had appeared above the rebuilt spaceports scattered around the globe and placed them all in a seemingly impenetrable bubble of frozen time.

The Earth economy was thrown into turmoil with the loss of space access and a young boy, along with his friends and his amazing AI, were off on an adventure of a lifetime as they and others tried to understand what had happened.

The Time Series is a trilogy of novels set in the 2700's and is a part of the larger Future Chron Universe. All together, 9 novels, 1 short novel, 15 novellas, and 8 short stories are available in this universe. See the writer's blog: for more information.

Hard Science Fiction – Old School.

(Hint: If you don't want to wait to August this should be up on my store soon, check there or watch for brief announcement here. Also note that it will have to be taken down during the 3 month KU exclusive period beginning August 20th. My online store can be found in the panel on the right).

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